Why Branding Is Deficient

All companies wish to have a good, strong brand. For many companies, their brand is their biggest asset. The brand value of a leading enterprise can reach billions of dollars. There is no question about the power of branding. However, the common branding process is deficient, and often is only suitable for the previous century’s economy. In this article, I’ll describe what is missing in a typical branding process and how to improve it.

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Product Data Management

Product data management might seem like the dull, formal work associated with any product design workflow. After all, it’s far from being as exciting and challenging as the creative product design and engineering work. However, product data management actually has a great impact on product design and project efficiency, especially when it comes to complex product designs and/or long projects. Accurate and comprehensive product data management is a crucial aspect of the product design workflow and a key parameter for effective product designs and successful products.

The three main elements of product data management are CAD files-, BOM- and Product-Brief- Management. In this article, I’ll share some working methods and tips about these three product data management elements.

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