Is it God or the Devil in the details?

Perfectionism is a controversial character trait. In the context of product design and product design management, some consider it as a must-have trait, and some see it as a burden. Some product designers try to learn how to be more of a perfectionist while others try to avoid the same. Is it God or the Devil in the details? In this article, I’ll discuss the pros & cons of perfectionism for product designers, engineers and product design managers, from professional and practical perspectives.

The only good aspect of perfectionism is that is causes a person to aim to produce the best results possible — a perfectionist will not compromise and will keep working on all details until the product is perfect. For non-perfectionists, ‘90% perfect’ might be good enough. But for a perfectionist, skipping that final 10% is not an option; they will keep working and working until 100% has been achieved. In many cases, this last 10% can make a big difference in a product’s quality. In this matter, perfectionism is a valuable trait, and it can help in achieving better products.

Unfortunately, perfectionism is much more of a burden than a skill in the product design process. Here are the three main reasons why:

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The Design-Marketing Tango

A successful product requires more than just design and engineering. A good design and smart engineering can result in a great product, but these two factors alone won’t necessarily achieve a successful one — a product that makes for good business. The bridge from a well-designed product to a successful one very much depends on Design-Marketing relationships.  The common relationship between product design and marketing is complicated. In many cases, you may find a lot of misunderstandings and unorganized multidisciplinary working procedures involved in this Design-Marketing Tango. This chaotic situation can cause great damage to any Product-Design Driven company.

This article deals with the integration of marketing knowledge and abilities in a product design process — the benefits you can gain from it, how to do it properly, and what to be aware of.

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