BOM Management vs. BOM Listing

A BOM (Bill Of Materials) is the “recipe” of a product. BOM data is at the hub of any product design and manufacturing business – R&D, manufacturing, logistics, procurement, inventory, pricing, and sales are all dependent on BOM data. Products cannot be produced without a BOM, and BOM mistakes are costly. Yet, in many R&D projects, BOM management is overlooked, and the BOM is treated as a list instead of as a management tool. There are three main reasons for this oversight: 1. BOM management is tedious work that no one wants to deal with. 2. There are no powerful and friendly BOM management tools. 3. The value of BOM management (as opposed to BOM listing) can be vague.

What is the difference between listing and managing the BOM data?

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10 Product Design common mistakes

The new-product development process is complex and multi-dimensional. It requires considerable professional expertise and the ability to make decisions in uncertain situations. Though trial and error is an integral part of the process, it is both possible and advisable to avoid common mistakes that might cause significant loss of time and money. The following is a list of 10 common mistakes and misconceptions often made during the product development and design process. The first step to avoiding them is being aware of them.

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