Why Branding Is Deficient

why branding is deficient

All companies wish to have a good, strong brand. For many companies, their brand is their biggest asset. The brand value of a leading enterprise can reach billions of dollars. There is no question about the power of branding. However, the common branding process is deficient, and often is only suitable for the previous century’s economy. In this article, I’ll describe what is missing in a typical branding process and how to improve it.

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Design To Cost (DTC)

Design-To-Cost (DTC) is one of the most important aspects of a product design. After all, in an average product, every dollar in cost equals five dollars in sales (see calculation). Most product designers and engineers know how to design cost-effective products in terms of engineering and production but tend to overlook the other aspects of DTC.

In this article, I list the main components of DTC and explain how to deal with them during the product design process.

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How To Hire a Product Designer

How to hire a product designer

Any business is, first and foremost, based on people. Having the right people on board is a key factor for success. Recruiting a new employee or a freelancer is always difficult and crucial.

Hiring a product designer is no different than any other profession. However, there are some unique aspects that need to be considered when hiring a product designer (as an employee or a freelancer). In this article, I list ten product designer characteristics and skills and explain how to approach each of them in the recruiting process.

Preliminary to the recruiting process, you have to define the product designer’s job and your expectations, and to prioritize the value of each of the below list aspects accordingly.

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12 Books for Product Design Managers

Product design management books

This time, I’d like to share some of my best nonfiction reading with you. Here is a list of 12 recommended books for anyone who deals with product design management. These books are not about product design management, but about different related topics: innovation, marketing, management, design, engineering and even history and psychology. I can guarantee you that each of these books is interesting and enriching, for both professional and personal matters.

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